CMS Fund Accounting - Why is The Check I Voided Still Listed Under The Payables Column On The Trial Balance?

PROBLEM:  I voided a check, but it's still listed under the Payables column on the Trial Balance.

SOLUTION:  When you void a check, you may have selected the option to automatically create a copy of the bill so you can issue a new check. 

From the Ledger & Payables Main Menu, click Reports | Transactions | Bill List.

Select the Vendor who was issued the voided check and select the option To Be Paid.  Depending on the date you voided the check, you may need to change the date range to Year To Date.

Review the list and find the Bill Number open Bill.

Click Enter Bills, Find | By Bill Number and enter the Bill Number of the open Bill.  If you do not wish to issue a new check, click the Delete Bill option at the top of the display.

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