CMS Fund Accounting - General Ledger Not in Balance

PROBLEM:  The General Ledger is not in balance, the total debits do not equal the total credits.


SOLUTION: Make sure all accounts selected for report.  


If all accounts are selected for the report, click File | Utlities | Finance Data Integrity | Process.  



This process will perform a check of the finance data for possible problems, including:  missing check records, mismatched bill and check data, unbalanced Journal Entries, etc.

If the process finds any problems, you will need to correct those issues before completing end of month.

If the Finance Data Integrity does not find any problems, examine conditions below.

1.  Duplicate check number paying different bills. 

One of the bill items has different amount than the check amount.
Research what check number pays what bill. Correct with file editor. Recalculate year.

2.  An account is marked as inactive when, in fact, it is active and has a balance.  Remove the checkmark indicating the account is inactive.

3.  If you are accrual, Open the Report and click on the "Preferences" button and choose "Print Unpaid Bills"

4.   If you are accrual, check your bills to see if any have the bank account instead of Accounts Payable in the Bank Account screen.

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