CMS Fund Accounting - Date:Proc:Date: The Value of The Parameter 'Value', is Not Legal...

PROBLEM:  When clicking Enter Bills or Enter Deposits in the Ledger & Payables System, an error message appears:

"Date:Proc:Date: The value of the parameter 'value', is not legal.  Cannot convert parameter to a date"

SOLUTION:  Exit CMS.  Click Start | Control Panel | Regional and Language Settings.

On the Formats tab, check the Current Format and be sure you're set to English (United States).  If the Regional Settings are set to another region, the Short Date Style may be set to something other than MM/DD/YY (i.e. DD/MM/YYYY).

If the setting does read English (United States), some alterations may have been done to the default settings.  Set the Current format to something other than English (United States) and click Apply | OK.

Then come back to Regional Settings and set it back to English (United States) and click Apply | OK.

This will reset the Regional Settings back to the default.

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