CMS Fund Accounting - Total of Income Minus Expense is Incorrect on Monthly Budget/History Report

PROBLEM:  Total Income is correct, the Total Expense is correct, but the difference is not right. There are varying amounts, and it's not all months.

SOLUTION:  There are Blank values in BUDGETS.DB and/or HISTORY.DB. 

In the File Editor, Locate and Replace (blank) with 0.00.

Make sure you have a recent backup of your system before you begin this process.   Do not skip this step, do not overwrite the backup until the problem is resolved.

Once that backup has been completed, click File | Utilities | CMS File Editor. 

Click OK at the warning message, as you do not need supervision from CMS is you are following these instructions and have completed your backup.

Click Select Table to Edit.


Click the Edit button at the top of the display.

Click into the Current Year column, then click the Locate and Replace button at the top of the display.

The Field should be "Current Year" .

Leave the "Value" blank or empty, click into Replace With and type in 0.00.  Click OK.

Click the dot at Change All Occurrences and click OK.

The system will replace all of the "Blanks" with Zeros.  Click Close when complete.

Click File | Utilities | Finance Data Integrity | Process.

The Finance Data Integrity process should complete without errors, and you will receive a reminder to run the Calculate Balances process to update your accounts.


From CMS Ledger & Payables, click Process | Calculate Balances | Finish to complete this process.


Reprint Monthly Budget/History Report and your totals should now be correct!

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