CMS Fund Accounting - Problems Deleting Employees after End of Year

Here’s how you can delete those old employees.

Make sure you have a recent backup of your system before you begin.

From CMS Payroll (current year, not Archive), click Process | Clear Check History | Continue.

Click the Employee button in the middle.  Click the Clear All button on the right and select just those employees you’d like to delete.  Click OK.  Click Process.

This will clear out any check history that these employees may have in the system.

Now click Enter/Change Employees and you should be able to delete them.

If you’re still getting a message saying they can’t be deleted, make sure you’ve already run the End of Year Process in the Payroll system (Process | End of Period | End of Calendar Year) to reset their current year accumulations.

Still having problems?  Click back to Enter/Change Employees and go to their Emp/Cust tab and make sure they don’t have a checkmark in the Calculate Employee? Box.  Then click Enter Timecards and click the Reset All Timecards button on the right.

Now try deleting them again and they should go away!

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