CMS Fund Accounting - How To Void a Payroll Check?

This process is used to VOID a paycheck that has been posted. The paycheck is removed form the payroll system and the accumulations are adjusted in the Ledger & Payables system, the check is voided and a reversing Journal Entry is created.

If an error exists on a paycheck that has NOT been posted and has NOT been cashed, use the Entry | Edit Paycheck to delete that paycheck and use the Calculate process to create a corrected paycheck.

This process is NOT USED to replace a paycheck that has been misplaced, lost, or destroyed. In those situations, a replacement check for the NET Pay Amount should be prepared by creating a bill and check in the Ledger & Payables system. The new bill's line item should be the bank checking account and the comment should have the information that this bill/check are a replacement for the original paycheck number.

This Void Paycheck procedure is used when a paycheck has been created in error and the payroll has been posted.

Examples of when to void a paycheck:

  1. A paycheck is not correct, the payroll has been posted, the paycheck has not been cashed, and a new corrected paycheck needs to be issued to the employee. The normal paycycle tasks are used to create a new paycheck for that employee.

  2. A paycheck was prepared in error for a person who was not employed or working, the check was not cashed, and a new paycheck is not needed.

Paycheck Date Considerations:
Voiding paychecks DATED IN THE CURRENT Federal and State reporting periods.

The payroll reports have the correct payroll and withholding totals to prepare reports to the Federal, State, and other organizations.

Voiding paychecks DATED IN THE PRIOR Federal and State reporting periods. Amended Federal and State reports may need to be filed. Reports need to be reprinted for the desired periods. The reprinted reports will differ from the original reports by the amounts on the VOIDED paycheck.

If a paycheck is voided in error, the normal paycycle tasks are used to recreate that paycheck and the Journal Entry and Voided check must be corrected in the Ledger & Payables. It is a significant amount of work to re-enter data for a paycheck that has been Voided in error.

The reversing journal entry uses the current salary, benefit, and deduction account links. If those links have been changed since the voided check was issued, the reversing journal entry should be examined and/or changed.

From CMS Payroll, click Process | Void Payroll Check. Read the Voiding a Payroll check. Click Next.

Select the payroll check to be Voided and click Next.

Click the Print Check to be Voided button to print the data from the voided check.

Click the Void button to void the check.

This process will

  1. Mark the check as "Void" in the Ledger & Payables System.

  2. Adjust the Payroll Vendor Amount in the Ledger & Payables System.

  3. Create a Journal Entry in the Ledge & Payables System to reverse the original check.

  4. Delete the check from the Payroll System.

  5. Adjust the employees accumulations in the Payroll System.

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