CMS Fund Accounting - Supplement State RS Codes and Local Tax Codes

PROBLEM: When preparing your W-2 for Upload to the Social Security Administration, there is an option to include a supplemental State RS Code and Local Tax Code and you are unsure of the code you should use.

SOLUTION: Although you may enter the Supplemental State RS Code on your W-2 Upload, remember:

Some States will accept the format for the State Record; however, arrangements and approval for reporting to State or local taxing agencies must be made with each individual State or local tax agency.

the Social Security Administration and IRS do not transfer or process the State Record data.

It's best to contact your state to verify if they want you to include this State RS Code on your W-2 uploads.

Go to the Social Security Administration for complete information on filing W-2 via Magnetic Media.

The following is a list of the RS Code per state:

Alabama AL 01
Alaska AK 02
Arizona AZ 04
Arkansas AR 05
California CA 06
Colorado CO 08
Connecticut CT 09
Delaware DE 10
District of Columbia DC 11
Florida FL 12
Georgia GA 13
Hawaii HI 15
Idaho ID 16
Illinois IL 17
Indiana IN 18
Iowa IA 19
Kansas KS 20
Kentucky KY 21
Louisiana LA 22
Maine ME 23
Maryland MD 24
Massachusetts MA 25
Michigan MI 26
Minnesota MN 27
Mississippi MS 28
Missouri MO 29
Montana MT 30
Nebraska NE 31
Nevada NV 32
New Hampshire NH 33
New Jersey NJ 34
New Mexico NM 35
New York NY 36
North Carolina NC 37
North Dakota ND 38
Ohio OH 39
Oklahoma OK 40
Oregon OR 41
Pennsylvania PA 42
Rhode Island RI 44
South Carolina SC 45
South Dakota SD 46
Tennessee TN 47
Texas TX 48
Utah UT 49
Vermont VT 50
Virginia VA 51
Washington WA 53
West Virginia WV 54
Wisconsin WI 55
Wyoming WY 56
  • C = City Income Tax
  • D = County Income Tax
  • E = School District Tax
  • F = Other Income Tax
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