PSA Process - Contribution Transfer: How to import postings from ParishSOFT Offerings & Pledges Module to ParishSOFT Accounting

How to import postings from ParishSOFT Offerings & Pledges Module to ParishSOFT Accounting

Use this process to import contributions that have been posted in the ParishSOFT Offering & Pledges module into the ParishSOFT Ledger and Payables system.

We recommend that you import your contributions from the Offering & Pledges module once per week, or, at a minimum, once each month—before you close your month.


Export contributions from Offering & Pledges

Complete the following steps to export contributions from the Offering & Pledges module to a .txt file.

  1. From the ParishSOFT Family Suite Offering & Pledges module, click the Utilities menu and choose Export to CMS Fund Accounting.
  2. Enter the Start and End Dates for your data export and click OK.
  3. The software will create a file that you can import into the ParishSOFT Accounting application. Note the location of the file, e.g., C:\ProgramFiles\ParishSOFT\Clients\Demo\TSL\CMSFundAccountingExport.TXT
  4. Click OK and import using the procedure on the following page.


Import contributions into ParishSOFT Accounting

  1. In ParishSOFT Accounting, Ledger & Payables, click the Process iconContribution TransferTransfer from ParishSOFT Offering 
  2. Click the Browse button.
  3. Select your exported .txt file from the location where it has been saved, e.g., C:\ProgramFiles\ParishSOFT\Clients\Demo\TSL\CMSFundAccountingExport.txt).
  4. Click the Import button.
  5. Map the PSFundDescription for each line item to an Account in your chart of accounts. Your mappings will be saved so the next time you import, you won’t need to repeat this step.
  6. Select the correct bank account for the offering deposits.
  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. Check the Selected box for each line item and click the Submit button.


When the import is complete, the software will notify you with the following message:

Records have been imported!


Posting dates must be in the current month

If the software detects any posting dates prior to the current period, you will be prompted to change the posting date for those transactions.

To change a date, click on the Posting Date field and select a date from the calendar. Click Submit to proceed with your import.


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