CNA Payroll - W-2 Setup - Deduction/Benefits for Boxes 10, 11, 12 and 14

This article will assist you setting up payroll deductions and benefits  so the amounts will print in the correct box on the Form W-2.

To begin, go to Payroll>Forms>W-2 Setup.


When you get to the screen, it should be populated with all deductions/benefits that are not System deductions (e.g. Federal withholding). There you can choose the W-2 box where the deduction should print, and if a code is required, you can enter it also.  The amounts and codes that appear on the W-2 can be edited before printing the Form.

For guidance on Form W-2 and box codes, go to IRS.GOV and search for Form W-2,  or consult a tax professional.





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