LII Contributions - Fund: Change Fund of a Single Contribution in a Posted Batch

How to change a fund in a single contribution in a posted batch

To change a fund from one to another, even when the transaction has been entered via Ministry Connect, follow these steps:

  • Void Contributions, and mark Change Fund

  • Click Next, which will give you all the names of your donors who have given within the time period specified on the previous screen. Select the donor whose fund you want to change. Then, find the transaction you want to change.
  • Mark the ‘Void’ box. Then click in the Fund# box. The Pop up box will allow you to choose the correct fund.


  • You will get a report showing the change.
  • If you look in the original batch, you will see the credit for this entry.
  • You will also see a new batch showing the entry to the new fund.


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