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How to delete or flag a record in Manage People

If you need to remove a record from Manage People for any reason, you may either delete it immediately or flag it for later deletion; flagging ensures it does not show on reports but stays in your system until all statements and reports have been processed for the year.

Delete a member record from Manage People

Flag a member record in Manage People for later deletion



Delete a member record from Manage People

Always backup your data before you delete a member.

If your are deleting a member record from Manage People because you discovered you have a duplicate record, you will want to keep the record which has the most information in each area such as Skills & Ministries, Contribution, and Attendance. Before deleting a member record, take a look at the following:

Contributions History: In Manage People, pull up each member record and click the Contributions Tab. Enter a date range in the lower left corner which will encompass a large span of years. If each record has Contributions, you may Transfer the Contribution History from one member record to the other. Choose the member record as the Transfer From Record with the least other information such as attendance history.

Attendance History: There is no option to transfer attendance history in Logos. If you have a duplicate member record and one record has the majority of attendance history, you would be well advised to transfer the contributions history to the record with the most attendance history (see link above). You will then have to update the record you are keeping with the attendance history. 

Once you have decided which record to keep and which one to delete, you may move forward to delete the unwanted record.

To delete a record in Manage People, you must pull up the record, go into the Family tab or the  Personal tab, and click the Red X Delete button at the top of the screen. If this button is grayed out, it has to do with your login permissions which are set up by your own administration. The username "Master" usually has administrative privileges and if you know the password, you may use those credentials to log in and delete a Member Record. This will only work if your own administration has not changed the Master Profile's login privileges.

Once you click the Red X Delete button, a caution window will display. Read the caution and then choose to either delete the whole family or only the person you had pulled up in the Personal Tab. You will get one more prompt to verify you do indeed want to delete the record. Note: If the member record has contributions for the current year, the record will not be deleted but instead it will automatically be flagged for deletion. If this is the case, you may delete the flagged record in the next year which will have no contributions. Once you flag the record, the only place the record will show up is in Contribution statements or on the Manage People grid if you mark the Show Flagged box. 

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