CNA Reports - Report Configuration: Preview or PDF

What is the difference between Preview Report and View PDF?

At the bottom of the Configure Report Screen, you will find the following two options:


This article outlines the advantages of each and when one will be more beneficial than the other.

Preview Report or View PDF 


  • Report displays to the screen in the original browser window
  • Each page is separate (can jump to a page)
  • Usually can use the browser's back button to go back to configure the report differently
  • Can Drill Down on some items
  • Report may generate a little faster


  • If you use the printer icon while previewing the report:
    • There will be a header and footer on the page
    • The footer will have different information
    • The addition of the header will increase the number of pages that print and may print a final blank page containing only the header/footer.
    • Formatting will be different from either PDF option as shown below.

 Report format when print icon selected from the Preview Report option

  • If you use the disk icon to create a PDF 
    • There is not header
    • There are lines separating column headings
    • There are lines indicating a total
    • The footer information will be different from that in the Preview Report
    • Formatting will be different


Report format when PDF save icon or save/open icon is selected from the Preview Report option




  • Continuous pages
    • Can scroll through the pages
    • Use the Find Function (Ctrl + F) to open a search box 
    • Can use the printer icon or File > Print
    • Drill Down may be blocked
    • Formatting has a more professional look

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