LII User Reports: How to move fields

How to move fields on a report or on checks

Logos provides a Self-Supporting feature called User Reports which allows you to move fields on a report. Click the following link to learn how to find out if this feature is already installed and for installation instructions. Since this feature is Self-Supporting, we recommend printing off these instructions and moving through them one step at a time. It is much easier than it may seem at first glance.

In any report, at the Output Destination Screen, click the Edit button. If this is not live (it's grayed out), click the above link to learn how to install user reports. Mark the Create New User Report and click OK.

A screen displaying the formatting of the Logos Report will display (as shown below). Note: the report format layout has a ruler across the top and also along the left side. You may use this ruler to know where you want to move your fields. You must use a ruler on the physical check to note placement.

Find the field you want to move

You must now search for and find the field you want to move. For example, if you must move the check date field, you will have to find that field. You will note that due to the various options available in the report selection screens, fields are often layered. The program will print one of the layered fields when one option was selected and a different layer when another is selected. It would be best to move all layers.

The example below highlights a field which is a double layer. 

Because of the layering, it is sometimes hard to find the field for which you are looking. To better read the field listed in the top layer, just double click on the field. The image below shows an example of what will display. To find out the field listed in a lower layer, you must move the top layer and double click on the next. If neither field is the one you are looking for to change, move the top layer right back and continue your search.

Double-clicking a field yields the Field Properties Window

If this is the field you want to move, you may close the Field Properties window (red x or OK). The field will still be selected, noted by the little dots around it.

You may now move this field using your keyboard arrow keys. Or, you may click on the field and move it to wherever you think the field must be placed by dragging it. Don't forget to move the second layer also if the field has one.

Once you have moved your fields to where you think they must be placed, you will want to test out the new format.

  • Click the X in the upper right inner window.
  • At the prompt to save changes, click Yes.

  • At the Report Description prompt, identify the difference between your new report format and the system original report format and click OK.

Now that you have created a new format, you must select your new format to see the results.

If you are happy with the results, you must always use the Select step to ensure the user report format is used each time. If you still need to move some fields around, click the Edit button and continue modifying the report layout.


Adding User Reports or checking to see if it's already added

  1. Go to System & Users
  2. Click Add-Ons
  3. Select User Reports. If this option is not available, this means it has already been added on and you may move forward with the instructions on how to use it.
  4. Type in this code in the Serial Number field at the bottom of the window and click Add

Accounting: gl-671123

Logos II: cm-924572

Once you have completed this process, log out of Logos. If you are hosted, you do not need to log out of Go-Global. Log back into Logos and continue with the above instructions to use this feature.

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