CNFSv Offering - Contributions: Editing & Deleting Contributions from Open Batches Video

After watching this video, you'll understand how to correct or remove contributions from open batches. This video covers making changes to single contributions as well as multiple contributions at one time.

Written Instructions:

  1. Go into Contributions List >
  2. Set your date range and click the View Contributions button >
  3. Select the contributions you wish to edit and click the Pencil button (Edit) to change the contributions or the Trash Can icon (Delete) to remove the contribution postings >
  4. If you are editing the contributions:
  5. Select only the check-boxes for fields you wish to change and un-check any fields you are not changing >
  6. Change the desired field(s) (like date or fund) >
  7. Give a reason >
  8. Click save.
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