CNFS Offering - Pledges: How do I Create Pledge Records? (Video)

A pledge is a record of the amount that a donor promises to give to a fund over a given period of time. This procedure shows you how to add a pledge record for an existing fund. After you add a pledge record, you can post payments to the pledge.

To add a pledge record, you must have View plus Add/Edit access rights for Contributions tied to your login credentials. You must also have permission to access the fund for which you are adding the pledge.

  1. If you manage several organizations, select the desired organization from the Organization list.
  2. Click  to display the Pledge Management page.

By default, this page shows you pledges for the fund currently displayed in the Fund dropdown list. The default census filters are set to Family Status=Registered,Family Group=Active, and Pledge Type=Family.

  1. From the Fund list, select the fund receiving the pledge.
  1. (optional) Select one or more of the census filters to narrow down the list so that you can work with certain families.

  1. To update the Pledge list, click .

The list updates, showing you the names of families and individuals matching your filter criteria:

If no pledge records are found, this message is displayed: No Pledges found.

  1. Click .

The Pledge Family Search window is displayed. The loaded pledge list filters are shown at the top of the window. Records matching all of your filter selections are displayed in the list below.

In the following example, for the Ascension fund, all registered active families are displayed:

  1. From the list, locate the family making the pledge to the fund by typing your search criteria in one or more of the column header fields:

You can search by using one or more of the column header filters. The system automatically updates the list. Note that the filters are additive, which means that each time you add a filter, the system narrows down the results even further to display only those families matching your filter choices.

  • Env #: envelope number.
  • Last Name: donor's last name.
  • First Name: donor's first name.
  • Phone: donor's phone number.
  • Family DUID: donor's Family DUID.
  • # Pledges: number of pledges.

For example, if you know the family you are searching for has made three pledges, type 3 in the #Pledges column header field. The list updates to show you only families that have made three pledges.

Or, if you know the family's last name, type it in the Last Name column filter field. In the following example, we are searching for the Allen family so we typed the name "Allen" in the Last Name filter field. A list of families with the last name of Allen is displayed:

  1. Select the desired family by clicking the circle next to their name. Then, click .

The New Pledge window is displayed. In the Pledge List Filters section at the top of the window, the filter criteria you selected is shown. Beneath the filters, you can view details from the selected donor's record. At the bottom of the window is an empty pledge form for you to complete.

  1. Verify the information in the Donor Record portion of the window is correct and that you are working with the right donor. Then, do one of the following:
  • If you are viewing the wrong record, click  to return to the Pledge Family Search window. Your filter selections are still loaded. Choose a different family from the list or close the window, and then select new search filters from the Pledge Management page. Repeat Steps 4 - 8.
  • If you are viewing the correct donor, complete the details in the Pledge Record portion to set up the pledge. Press the Tab key to navigate from one field to the next. Go to Pledge Details for descriptions of the fields in the form.

An asterisk indicates required information.

  1. When done, click  to save the pledge.

You return to the Pledge Family Search window. Now that the pledge record is in the system, you can post payments to it.

If you need to make an adjustment to a saved pledge (for example, if you entered the wrong amount or created a pledge record for the wrong family), go to How to Adjust a Pledge.

  1. Click  to exit.


This video tutorial walks you through how to create pledge records in the Offering module. You'll see how to search for an individual or family to create the pledge for, how to define the specifics of the pledge, and how to filter the Pledge page to view any existing pledge records.

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