CNFS Offering - Contributions: How to Edit Contributions in a Closed Batch / How do I Post a Correction Batch?

How to Edit Contributions in a Closed Batch / How to Post a Correction Batch

If you've found an error in a closed contribution batch, since you cannot re-open a closed batch to make changes including deletions, you must reverse the original batch by creating a "Correction Batch."

  1. Create a new Detailed Posting batch 
    • Use the same name as the original with -Correction at the end of the name
    • The batch should be a Detailed batch.
    • If this correction batch is due to a duplicate posting, the cash total on the Batch Header Page (when you first go into Create new batch) may be a negative dollar amount (assuming this is the only entry). If there are other entries, it would be the sum of the entries subtracting out the duplicate entry.
  2. Use Detailed posting to post contributions identical to the original incorrect posting (same date, fund, family, and amount) except make the amount negative so it will reverse the original posting.
  3. If the reason for the correcting batch was a duplicate entry, you are done with this batch.
  4. If the original contribution needs to be re-posted to a different date, fund, amount, or family, post it again in a positive amount (this will just be a normal posting with all information entered as it was desired to be).  This may be done in the same batch.
    • In this correction batch you will have pairs of contributions: One negative $$ amount reversing the original incorrect information; and one with positive $$ amount with correct information.

In this video tutorial you'll find out how to correct your error. You will learn how to create a correction batch, how to identify it as such, and how to make the offsetting contribution entries needed to fix your entry error.


The software will identify that a correction has been made and once the correction batch is closed, the only contribution that will show to the giver is the corrected one.

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