CNFS Offering: How do I Edit Contributions in a Closed Batch / How do I Post a Correction Batch?

How to Edit Contributions in a Closed Batch / How to Post a Correction Batch

If you've found an error in a closed contribution batch, you must post a correcting batch.


  1. Make a correction batch (named the same as the original with -Correction at the end of its name)
  2. Make a posting identical to the original incorrect posting (same date, fund, family, and amount) except making it a negative amount so it will reverse the original posting.
  3. Then if the contribution needs to be re-posted to a different date, fund, amount, or family, post it again in a positive amount (this will just be a normal posting with all information entered as it was desired to be). 

In this video tutorial you'll find out how to correct your error. We'll look at how to create a correction batch, how to identify it as such, and how to make the offsetting contribution entries needed to fix your entry error.


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