LII Contributions - Reports: Contribution Report Listing Top x% of Givers

How to print a report in Logos Contributions listing the top x% of donors

Click the Contributions Tab and Select Donor Lists.

You may choose any of the report formats shown in Donor Lists, but the most common are Donor List by Fund, One Line Listing or Donor Master List. Mark one of these.

If you are using a report which requires a date range, fill in the date range at the bottom. For example, the Donor List by Fund requires the Summary Date Range to be filled in.

Click Next.

Select the Contributions Tab from the Search Criteria Screen.

Fill in each field as shown below.

1. Keep Given in Date Range marked.

2. Keep All Funds Selected.

3. Ensure the date range covers the time period for which you want to report.

4. You must enter an amount range. The from amount may NOT be 0.00. See the example.

5. Mark Enter Top Percent of Donors and put in the percent you are interested in listing.

 Once you have filled in this screen, you may click the Done button at the bottom left. If you would like to save the criteria you just entered, click the Save Criteria button in the lower right corner and give it a name which will clearly identify the criteria (top 10 givers). Then click Save. You may then later click the Restore Criteria button and select this criteria the next time you want any report to list the same top x% of givers.

Continue to print the report.


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