PSFSv IQ - Adding Fields & Sorting (Video)

Learn how to add data fields to your queries, and how to sort your results.




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  • IQ is a powerful user-level query tool for extracting data from a database. No knowledge of SQL is required. A user can "Point and Click" to build the query, enter selection criteria, execute the query and view the results. Data can be exported to a variety of application-specific formats and to a CVS file.

    Perhaps IQ will one day be enhanced to include an "or" operator in the query conditions, and permit the user to specify where the output files will be stored. (At the moment, for instance, a csv file gets written to the current default download location, which is probably not the desired location.)

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  • Tom, Thank you for your kind words about our IQ module. It is very powerful.

    I understand there is no 'or' from which to choose when setting up values in a Query. The closest we come to that currently is the use of the word 'any' in the conditions section: "Select records where any of the following apply." When you choose the word any, it adds the word 'or' between the two conditions. You may also use a sub-query to make the selection more complex.

    Also, your idea about the download location is a good suggestion and I will forward it to the product team for review.

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