PSA Consolidation Manager - Permissions: FAQ's

Consolidation Manager Permissions FAQs

Do all organizations have access to the Permission Template feature?

Only users who are part of Diocesan data bases have this feature available. (Users in manager, church and church2 do not have access to Permission Templates).

Which user roles can create templates?

Diocesan Administrators are the only type of user who can create templates.  The Templates are created in the Consolidation Manager tab).

Can Permission Templates include Entity Level Restrictions?

Yes, they can.

Which type of users can apply templates?

Diocesan Administrators, Consolidation Users, and Church Administrators can apply templates.

Once a user has been assigned a template, can changes be made?

No, either you use a template, or you customize permissions for the individual user.

For Consolidation Users who have access to multiple organizations, please ensure that the configuration of the template is appropriate for every organization which they can access when assigning the template.

Where do I apply templates?

Templates can be applied by accessing the Consolidation Manager, or Church Manager tabs. You must then assign a template (or No Template) by user.

Are there any user roles that have no restrictions?

Diocesan Administrator and Church Administrator roles do not have any restrictions; therefore they cannot be assigned a template.

Can a user have more than one template?

No, they can either have, “No Template” or they can be assigned a template.  If users have No Template, you can create user restrictions for that individual user.


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