CNFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How Do I Add a Celebrant That Does Not Appear in the Dropdown

 How to add a Celebrant to the Celebrant list

If you cannot find the celebrant that you wish to associate with a particular sacrament, the name may not be included within the system. Therefore, the celebrant's name needs to be added to the Lookup table. This action is only permitted for staff members who have the Organization Admin access rights. 

  •  On the ConnectNow Family Suite Homepage, navigate and click on the Administration Tab.

  • Click on the Lookups button located within the blue bar. 

  • The Lookup Management page will display. Click on the Celebrants table located under the Family Directory section. 

  • The list of celebrants that are included within the drop down will appear. To add a new celebrant, click the + button located in the blue bar. 


  • A dialog box will appear that will allow you to add the celebrants name within the description. Click the Save button to add the name to the celebrants list.

  • After clicking the save button, the celebrants name will appear within the celebrants list. 


Below is a short video on how to manage lookups including how to add a celebrant.


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