PSFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How to add a sacramental celebrant

How to add a sacramental celebrant

This action is only permitted for staff members who have the Organization Admin access rights. 

  1. On the Family Suite Home page, click the Administration Tab then click the Lookups button.
  2. Click on the Celebrants table located under the Family Directory section
  3. The list of celebrants will display. To add a new celebrant, click the + button.
  4. A dialog box will display. Add the celebrant's nameA in the description field. Then click the Save.A 
  5. The celebrant's name will subsequently display in the drop-down.
  6. To move your favorites to the top of the list, click in the box next to the celebrant's name, then click on the icon that matches your intended position for the celebrant.  The arrow with a line over it will put them at the top of the list, the up arrow will move them up one space.

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