CNFS Offering - Import: How to Configure Settings for Contributions Imported into the Offering Module

How to Configure Settings for Importing Contributions into the Offering Module

This topic shows you how to configure the settings the system uses to identify a family or member when importing contributions into the Offering module.

  1. Click  to display the Module Settings page.

  2. In the Offering group, click  to show configuration options for Offering. Then, select the Import option.

The Import option has two settings that enable you to choose which identifier the system should use to associate contributions with givers in the import file:

  • Envelope Number: uses the envelope number as the primary means of identifying givers.

  • Diocesan ID: uses the Diocesan ID as the primary means of identifying givers.

  1. Select the desired option. Then, click .


If you have Connectnow Giving or Connectnow Accounting product, here are the steps to enable the settings for those features as well;



The system keeps track of Import option changes in its audit tables. Specifically, the system captures the following information: the type of change and the date it was made, the user ID or Member DUID of the person making the change, and the ID of the organization for which the change was made.

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