CNA L&P - Checks: the check PDF did not display on the screen

The check PDF did not display to the screen

If you are immediately sent to the screen which asks if your checks printed correctly without the check PDF ever displaying to your screen, it may be for one of the following reasons:

 Is the PDF hidden behind another window?

  • Minimize your browser to see if the PDF is hidden
  • Maximize your browser to see if it was minimized in error; this can be achieved by first hovering your cursor over your browser's icon (usually at the bottom of your screen). If you see the checks PDF window display, select that window.

Do you have a pop-up blocker?

  • Firefox pop up blocker is usually in the upper portion of the screen 

  • Internet Explorer pop up blocker is usually at the bottom of the screen.

Are you getting a Gray Popup Screen?

Grey Screen In Popup When Printing Checks

Additional Resources:

How To Set Up CNA for Printing has information how to set up your browser to use with ConnectNow Accounting. It includes information on Popup Blockers and PDF settings. 

If the checks show as printed but did not print, you may be able to locate the PDF or file. In your browser, look to see the location where files are being saved. Then look for the file in that location. In the example below you would look in Downloads.  

Firefox--this is how it looks in Firefox. General-Files and Applications

If you are unable to locate the file, see How to Void or Delete Check



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