PSA L&P - Checks: How to change the date of a check

How to change the date of a check

Changing the date of a check depends on several things.

If you actually printed the check and the wrong transaction date is on the printed check, the wise solution is to void the check and re-print it with the correct date

If you recorded an electronic check using the assign check number feature in the bills screen: 

Bring up the check in the Checks screen using the Find Check option.

If the incorrect check date is in or after the current accounting period and if your user permissions provide a delete button at the bottom of the screen, you may delete the check. Then, go back to bills and assign the check-number, using the correct date this time.

If the incorrect date is in a closed accounting period or your permissions do not allow access to the delete button, the only way to update the date is to void the check, make a copy of the bill, and assign the check number and correct date. In this case, the check number may not be the one assigned on the voided check. However, adding an alpha character onto the end of the same number would work.

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