CNFS Family Directory - Sacraments: Editing a Duplicate Marriage record

These instructions are for removing erroneous marriage records. These instructions apply for duplicate marriage records as well as records that were made between the wrong people (usually a conversion/transition issue).

Remember, sacrament records cannot be deleted so these steps just make the record inactive (it won't show up on reports or member's sacraments)



1. While in the Family Directory select the Sacraments tab and chose the "Add/Edit Sacrament" option.


2. Then search the marriage sacraments for the name you are looking for. **Correct Marriage records will display twice, once under each spouse**




3. Take the record you wish to get rid of (in the case of duplicates it's the record with the least information)


4. There are three edits you need to make in order to inactivate the record

                               a. Remove the "completed" check mark

                               b. Click the red 'x' next to the spouses name (this removes the link from the other                                       member)

                               c. Add a date ended to the marriage (pick an arbitrary date)




5. Save your changes



The record is now inactive and will display with a gray dot next to it in sacraments 





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