Facility Scheduler - 1) Setup: Define Rooms

Defining rooms

Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.

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Room Planning

When planning your Rooms, take care to map them out ahead of time, considering all possibilities. For example, if it's possible to reserve the whole church building for an event, you will want to create that as a Main Room, adding each room as a Division and each room section as a Breakout. That way, when the whole building is reserved, all divisions and all breakouts will be blocked for that time period without having to mark each room individually. Conversely, reservations can be made for as small an area as a breakout, which would only block out one section of one room in the whole building. Likewise, reservations can be made for the Division which will block out one room (including all breakout sections) in the church building. 

Also note, each Main Category accommodates two additional divisions: Division and Breakout. Therefore, if your church campus has many buildings, and even if it's possible to reserve the whole campus at once, you will likely not want to have Church Campus as the Main Category. Instead, if someone does reserve the whole campus, you will have to mark off each Main Building.

If a mistake is made

Once you have created the Main, Division, and Breakout Buildings/Rooms/Sections, if a mistake is made, you cannot move them. The only way to fix the mistake is to delete the item and recreate it in the correct place.


Below is an example of a Room creation where The Whole Church Building has several Divisions, one of which is the Chapel. The Chapel has two Breakouts. Later, when the Whole Church Building is reserved, all Divisions and Breakouts under the Main Church Building will be locked for that time period.




Define a new room and sub rooms

  • To define a new room, select the New button for the type of room you are defining. Facility Scheduler allows dividing a Main room (or building, etc.) into two or more sub-rooms (i.e., a multi-purpose area that is divided differently for different events):
  • To define a new sub room (either “Division” or “Break Out”), highlight the existing room that this new room is within. Then click the New Division or New Breakout button and enter —
    • a unique alpha/numeric Room Number to set the order in which rooms are listed,
    • a text Description of the room (What people actually call it.),
    • a maximum Capacity that the room can accommodate. This number displays on the Facility tab in Event Planning as a reference in scheduling rooms. It does not block a larger event from being scheduled. (If no Capacity is entered, this field displays N/A here and is blank on the Facility tab.)
  • Select the Save icon to retain the new record.

To edit a room

  • To edit a room, select it in the list, make the edits and Save it. This update affects all events using this room.
  • To delete a room, select it in the list and click the Delete icon on the command bar. This
    removes the room from all events.

How modifying a room in any way affects scheduled items

Once a room has been defined, it  appears in a scroll list on the Facility tab in the Event
Planning routine. Changing or deleting a room automatically updates any scheduled events using
that room. If you add new Division or Breakout rooms within Main or Division rooms that have been scheduled for events, always open Event Planning, use the Find feature to locate those events,
and verify whether the new rooms are also selected for those events.

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