CNA Payroll - Checks: Void and Reissue a Check in Same Payroll

How to correct a paycheck when payroll is still open and the check number has been assigned

Void the paycheck. 

Void a Paycheck

How to fix checks in process: Incorrect Amounts, Pay Item, or Deductions

Once the check has been voided you will go back to payroll step 3) Edit Timecards and continue to process payroll as you normally do. Only the voided check(s) and any additions will be processed. 

Then reissue it with the correct check number. You will reissue the check on the same payroll since it has not been closed. You will be able to change the check number, if necessary, when you get to the print screen (see image below).

NOTE: If you want to use a check number that is showing as voided in ConnectNow you will need to add an alpha character to the end of the check number. Example: check number 1223 could be assigned check number 1223A. This would allow you to use the check stock that you have. 


Be sure to review the links provided above for additional information on voiding a paycheck. 

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