PSDio Admin - Manage Staff: Primary Assignments Versus Primary Positions


In ConnectNow Manage Staff an administrator can create a new staff record to give access to new users. At first glance, we might assume that a staff member is the same as their assignment. However, when working across multiple organizations the terms assignment and position become important for understanding how staff are categorized in ConnectNow. 


Staff Member: A user that typically accesses ConnectNow to use various modules and do work on behalf of their organization. 

Assignment: A record indicating that a staff member is actively serving at an organization. Each assignment is listed in the Manage Staff list once. A staff member can have multiple assignments for multiple organizations, but typically have only one per organization. There can only be one Primary Assignment, meaning they can have assignments to multiple organizations but only one of those organizations can be marked as that users Primary Assignment

Position: A descriptor or title used to describe the type of work or role the staff member plays for the assignment they have. An assignment can have multiple positions associated with it, while only one of those positions will be considered the Primary Position. So an assignment for one parish could have multiple positions, but the top position listed will be the Primary Position. What this means is that if a staff user has assignments to multiple organizations, then each assignment to an organization will have its own Primary Position


For the difference between an assignment, primary assignment and primary positions please see the chart below. 



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