CNA Payroll - Direct Deposit: Pre-note file for the bank

For Churches who upload the ACH file for Direct Deposits to a banking organization, you must pre-note an employee at least 10 days prior to her first direct deposit and any time you make a change to the employee’s account information.

The PreNote file contains all of the information in a standard Direct Deposit ACH file except for the amount to pay. This file ensures that all of the Employer’s and  Employee’s Bank Account and Routing Numbers are entered properly. The bank uses this file to ping the Employee’s bank account. If any information was entered improperly, the bank will contact you.

You will need to have setup Employee Direct Deposit Information before you can create a Pre-note file. Please click on this link for more information:

CNA Payroll - Direct Deposit: Setting Up and Multiple Bank Accounts

 To create a Pre-Note ACH file for the bank click Setup, then Pre-note Employees:

This will bring up a list of employees (you can choose by PayGroups):

Once you have selected the employee(s), Create the File, then a window appears with an ACH file that can be exported. Save  your file as a .txt file by clicking on the Save icon.


Depending on your browser, the open and save options may vary. Your file is now ready to be uploaded to your bank's direct deposit application.


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