Facility Scheduler - Event Planning: How to schedule an event and check for available rooms

How to Schedule Events and check for available rooms

Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.

Use the routines on the scheduling panel to schedule events and check for available rooms. Once you have scheduled and event, you will also need to schedule the Facility in which the room meets. Once you have checked to ensure the required room(s) is available and then have scheduled the event, you will want to reserve the room(s).

Event Planning displays all events scheduled for a day, week, month, etc. Use to Event Planning to enter new events and edit or delete existing events.

Rooms Free searches for rooms not in use at a particular date and time. Before scheduling events, make sure that essential features of your facility and program have been defined in these Setup panel routines: Define Rooms; Define Resources.




Event Planning 

Event Planning Command bar 

When you select the Event Planning Icon, the first screen to display will show the current day's events on the left, and the current month calendar to the right. To enter a brand new event, you must click the magnifying glass Event Icon in the command bar. The Event Planning Screen will open.

Event Creation or Edit Command Bar

 Enter the event description.

 Enter the Start and End times. If additional time needs to be set aside for Setup and Takedown, make sure to make that time frame broader than the scheduled event. Also, note: you may mark the All Day Event option to reserve the room for the full day.

 Leave this set to Normal for Event Type. Later, after you manage recurring or or make it a Multiple Day Event (both shown below), this will automatically update to the correct designation.

 Event Category: If you are just starting with Facility Scheduler, there will be nothing to select from the dropdown menu. You may populate the Event Categories from here by simply typing in the category. The word you enter will be available next time, or another new category may be created.

 Color: Adding a specific color to an event may make it easier to find that event later when glancing through the Event Planner.

See how it displays in the Event Planner by clicking the Calendar Icon in the Event Command Bar.


Set Recurring Parameters or Multiple Days Criteria

Once you save the event, you may update the Event Type when pertinent. To add recurring criteria or to change the type to multiple day, click the Recurrences option in the command bar. Once you select one of the options from the dropdown menu and fill in the correct criteria, the Event Type will be updated accordingly. For more information on scheduling a recurring event, see the Help File Article: How to Set Up a Recurring Event.


Add Recurring Criteria

Regular or Sporadic: If your schedule will be the same each month, the first, third and fifth Fridays, for example, keep Regular marked. If there is no real pattern for the day and/or week, select Sporadic.

For a Regular Schedule, you will mark the day(s) of the week and the week(s) of the month.

Update the End Date on which the recurring will end. You may go out as far as ten years if you wish.

Mark Skip Holidays if this is the type of event which would not be held when it falls on a Holiday. For example, if the fourth of July falls on the first Friday of the month, a meeting will not be scheduled for that date when Skip Holidays is marked, and Facility Scheduler has the 4th of July added as a Holiday.


Sporadic Schedule

As you select each sporadic day, when you click on the date, it will have the red circle. The ones you selected before will just show as bold. To deselect a date, click it again. The calendar below shows bold for the ones selected in the calendar above. It is not necessary to update the End Date when updating the Sporadic Dates. The end date will default to the last date chosen when click dates, even though it displays as the date you went into the event. To add additional dates, you may open the event, click on Recurrences in the command bar, and select Extend Recurring. Then, mark sporadic again, and choose additional dates.



Multiple Day

click the Recurrences option in the command bar, then Multiple Day Schedule.

The Multiple Day Event Schedule will display. Enter the End Date. You have already entered the time parameters for the first day on the prior screen. If there are any different start/end times for the other days, select each date in the Event Date window, and update the times for that date. Then, select the next date. Once you save this record, you may only update each individual date's times by opening each event on the day for which you need to make the changes. 



Rooms Free

Before scheduling an event, you will want to ensure the room is available. Select Rooms Free and enter the date and time span of your event. Then, click Show Rooms.



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