CNA Church Manager - Password: Reset

How to reset password


Reset your own password

Church Administrator may reset your password


Reset your own password

You can reset your password by clicking the Lost Password link located on the login screen. You will enter your user name and a temporary password will be sent to the email associated with your user name.



For security reasons Support is not able to reset a user's password.


Diocese or Church Administrator may reset passwords

If you are in a diocese, the diocese has the ability to reset a password. A church administrator may also have the ability to reset passwords, depending on diocese permission settings. 

If you are not in a diocese the church administrator has the ability to reset passwords.    

To reset a password for another user, go into Church Manager > Users > Go (into the user). Mark the Force Immediate Password Change and click Reset Password. Copy the displayed system generated password then click Submit. Give the copied temporary password to the user. When they log in using it, they will be forced to change their password to one of their choice.

When a church administrator logs in they will have the church manager tab shown below. If you are unable to determine who the church administrator is, Support can look it up for you. However, Support does not have information on who to contact at the diocese. 


If you did not receive the temporary password using the Lost Password link, verify that your email is correct in ConnectNow Accounting once you are able to log in.  

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