PSG - Giving: How to set up a recurring donation

How to set up a recurring donation

The donor will:

Start by creating an account.

Create recurring donations through the Scheduled Giving tab (1) on the left-hand side of the donor portal. 

Choose a specific Fund (2) and set up a giving schedule (frequency, amount, start date, etc).

If an end date is desired, the option to choose an end date for a recurring gift will be available if the church administrator has enabled the Installments field. Installments can be enabled within the Settings section of the Control Panel. Click the following link for more information regarding giving portal settings.

Enter the payment information at the bottom of the screen.  

Finally, click Activate Schedule (3) to submit the recurring donation.
Recurring Giving2

After an automatic donation schedule has been set up, donors can view the details any time under the Scheduled Giving tab (1). When a donor has more than one schedule established each schedule is listed as a link across the top of the page (2).  To view any of the additional schedules just click the Schedule’s link.




Change/Delete a Recurring Gift

To delete a recurring gift click the “Scheduled Giving” (1). If there are multiple schedules in place, you will need to click the specific Schedule (2) you need to cancel. Once you have the desired Scheduled selected click [Delete Schedule] (3) to cancel the schedule.

delete schedule2


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