PSG Donors - Donor Portal: How to set up a Recurring/Scheduled donation

How to set up a recurring donation from the Donor Portal

In this article you will learn how to set up a Recurring gift or Auto-donation, how to edit the payment information on your gift, and how to delete your scheduled gift

1.) If you haven't already created a giving account, do so now by clicking on First Time? New User Registration.  If you already have an account, fill in your User Email and Password and hit the Login button.


2.) Once you've either created your new account or just logged in to an existing account, go to the Scheduled Giving section.


3.) Choose a Fund to give to from the Fund drop-down menu.


4.) Once done selecting the Fund, choose the frequency of the gift.  Your Frequency options are Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Twice a Month, Quarterly, and Annually.


5.)  After you've chosen your frequency, enter in the Gift amount in the Amount field and choose the number of Installments you want for your gift.  If, for example, you want to give $40.00 over 4 months, then you would enter a gift for $10 with a monthly frequency for 4 installments.


6.) Enter the date you want to Start the scheduled gift in the Start Date section.  The Gift shouldn't start until that date, but the first donation may come out of your account or be charged to your card on the day you set it up, so be aware of that before you activate any scheduled gifts.


7.)  Enter in your Card information into the fields below, or if you want to do an ACH payment, click the icon for Use Check in the top right corner of the page to fill out the proper fields for that payment type.


When you set up an ACH payment for a scheduled gift you will have to enter the gift information again on the ACH payment page, so it's often better just to hit the Use Check icon when you first get to the page to avoid having to re-enter information.


8.) Once you finish filling out the payment information hit the Activate Schedule button at the bottom of the page (For Credit/Debit Payments),


or the Authorize button at the bottom of the page (For ACH/E-Check Payments) to complete the setup.


9.) From this point on when you go to the Scheduled Giving section of the site, you should see a list of any scheduled gifts you have on your account listed there in the top right-hand corner of the page.


10.) Now that you've set up your gift, you can click on the schedule for it (or for any of your other scheduled gifts) and either (A) edit your Payment information for the gift, like in the case of your credit card expiration date needing to be updated.  Or, (B) you can delete the gift all together to stop future payments, or simply in order to remake it with a different schedule.  When you click a link for one of your Gift Schedules, the information related to that Schedule will show on the screen.  To view the details of different scheduled gifts, simply click the link for the schedule you wish to view and look at the details on the screen.


You now know how to set up a recurring gift, edit your gift's payment information, and delete a scheduled gift.




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