PSG Organization - Settings: Giving Portal Settings

How to choose your settings for your Organization's Giving Portal

In the Settings section of the Organization drop-down, you can choose from several options to customize your Donor's experience with your Giving site.

Available Options include:

  1. Accepted Payment Methods: You can choose to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards, and Check Cards (ACH).  NOTE: If you use forms, the accepted payment methods set in this section will not apply to forms.  You must choose the allowed payment methods for each form in the Form Properties.
  2. Giving Settings: Allow giving to multiple funds in a single transaction, allow one-time gifts (Quick Give), Allow pledges, Allow installments on scheduled giving, and enable Donor covers fee.

To get to these options go to the Organization drop-down menu and choose Settings.


When you get to Settings the page will look something like this:


To understand Billing Settings, please see our how-to articles about setting up a billing method for your Organization: How to Set Up Billing for your Organization.

Cards Accepted Display Settings allows you to choose which cards Donors can use for Scheduled Gifts or Quick Give Gifts (One-Time Gifts).

Giving Settings are the settings that allow or disable certain features in the software.  When an option is highlighted in this section of settings, it shows up as dark Blue.

  • Allowing Giving to Multiple Funds in One Donation: If you do not have any Secondary Bank Accounts tied to any of your funds and would like your Donors to be able to give to more than a single fund in one donation, then you can select “Yes” to “Allow Giving to Multiple Funds in One Donation”.
  • Allow Quick Give: this option allows users to make a one-time donation without registering for a Donor account or logging into an existing donor account.
  • Allow Pledges: This allows a donor to specify a pledge amount within their donor account which will be tracked with their donations throughout the year.  Since ConnectNow doesn't import Pledge Data, we strongly recommend keeping this setting at "No".  If a Family or Member has a Pledge already set up for a specific Fund in ConnectNow Family Suite, then any imported or integrated contributions will automatically be applied to that pledge.
  • Allow Installments on Scheduled Giving: when this option is set to “No” all recurring gifts will continue to process indefinitely until canceled.  When this option is set to “yes” donors will choose the specific number of installments (instances) and when all installments have processed the recurring gift will end.
  • Donor Covers Fee: allows the donor to increase the donation to include the processing fee. For example, if your plan has a 3% transaction fee for card donations, you would type this percentage into the percentage box after clicking “Yes” to enable this feature. This would mean a $100 donation would increase to $103 to compensate for the processing percentage.  This is completely optional on the Donor's side, and only provides the option for them to cover the fees.  They are not required to check the box to cover the fees.  It only provides them the option.

If you would like to know about other settings on the settings screen, see Related Articles down below.

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