PSG Donors - About the Donor's Section of ParishSOFT Giving

About the Donor's Section of ParishSOFT Giving

The Donor's section in ParishSOFT Giving is where all the Donor Profiles and Accounts can be found, edited, or even where new ones can be added.

To get to the Donors Section click on Donors in the Control Panel.

You'll be brought to the Donors Profile List.

Here you can:

  1. See your current list of Donors
  2. View Donor Profile Details: Giving History, Payment profiles, scheduled gifts, and help with password resets.  To do this hit the Action button, and then View Transactions.
  3. Add New Donors (Donor Created Account and Manager Created Account for Donor)
  4. View New Donors
  5. Merge Donors (How to Merge Donors In ParishSOFT Giving)
  6. Generate Email Only Contribution Statements for your Donors 
  7. Search for Donors (First and Last Name, or First name or Last Name).
  8. Export Donor List into a CSV file.


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