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When you need to locate a donor come to the Donor section to search for the donor by first and/or last name.  Here you can pull up their record and view their total transactions, make edits to their profile (demographic information) or view/edit any stored payment methods they have though Payment Profiles.

Here is a breakdown of the options available to you within the Donors section:

  1. Access to the Donors section
  2. When you need to create a profile for a donor click [+ Add Donor]. Once your save the profile your donor will receive an email welcoming them to online giving.  This email includes instructions on how to login and will provide them with a temporary password to get started with their new account.
  3. Search using first and/or last name to locate a specific donor. Remember: Less is more when searching. Start out with a last name or first name and drill-down from here.
  4. You can manually sort any of these columns (NameEnvelope #Email/Login12-Month Stats, and Lifetime Stats) by clicking on them, simply click again to change the sort.
  5. Export this donor information into a downloadable .csv file.
  6. For donors with multiple donor profiles, use the Merge Donors tool. This syncs the gifts for a specific donor to one profile for easier record keeping. Click here for our guide on our merging donors. To completely remove a donor from your system, please contact our support team (Help Desk > Support).
  7. Click Contribution Statement to print or email giving statements to donors for any time frame.
  8. The Action drop-down will allow you to do any of the following:

•  View Transactions: pull up all transactions related to this donor. This will pull up the donor’s profile to view their donor history, any active recurring schedules, payment profiles, contact information for the donor. If you need to reset a password on behalf of your donor, click the “Login as Donor” link on this page. This will login you to your giving portal as the donor, and allow you to change the password via the My Account tab, or logout and click the “Forgot Password?” link.
•  Edit Profile: update the demographic information (i.e., name, address, email, phone…)
•  Payment Profiles: view and/or edit any existing stored payment methods or add new payment method(s) as needed.

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