PSG - Donors: How to merge multiple donor profiles

How to merge multiple donor profiles

There are times when a donor may inadvertently create more than one profile.  In this instance you can clean up the duplicate profile and merge them together to create a single profile for the donor. Note: the email address is the unique identifier within a profile

The Merge Donors option is located under the Donors menu. NOTE: if you do not see the Donors Tab on the left panel of the Control Panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.

Choose the two profiles you need to merge and combine them into a single profile.  Here is an overview of each step labeled in the image below:

  1. Select the duplicate profile you will merge (the duplicate profile will not be retained)
  2. Select the profile the donor wants to retain (the profile the donor wants to continue to use)
  3. Confirm your selections and complete the merge (Submit)


More Detail on the Process: 


1) Select the duplicate profile: search for the donor by name, click on the profile you will merge.


2) Select the profile the donor wants to retain: search for the donor by name, click on the profile they will retain.


3) Review your selections and ensure you have the correct profiles selected and click [Merge]

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You won't be able to merge donors that are generated from giving through a form. In order to avoid having donors on your list who are not associated with an account, when you build your form, you'll want to include an email field so that payments made through the form associate with the correct donor's account.

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