PSFS Religious Ed - Reports: How to create registration forms in Religious Education

How to create registration forms in Religious Education

This article shows you how to create blank and populated registration forms and registration form mailing labels.

Creating Registration Forms

Configuration Options for Registration Forms and Mailing Labels


Creating Registration Forms

  1. Click Reports to display the Religious Education Reports page.
  1. From the Reports menu, select the Registration Forms option to display the setup:
  1. In the right panel, select the desired report and data options to configure the report. For descriptions of the report options, go to the table in this section: Configuration_Options_for_Registration_Forms_and_Mailing_Labels.
  1. Click Generate Report.


Configuration Options for Registration Forms and Mailing Labels

The table below lists and describes the options available to configure registration forms and mailing labels.



Report Options

This section includes options that let you choose which forms to print.

Forms to Print

  • Populated Registration Forms (default): creates registration forms with fields that are pre-populated with family and student information (for example, with the family's name, address and phone number).

  • Blank Registration Forms: creates blank registration forms.

  • Mailing Labels: generates mailing address labels for recipients that meet your filter criteria.

Term to Print on Form

Select the term from the dropdown list.

Data Options

This section includes options that you can select to control which families are pulled from your database records.

Registration Status

Select the family's registration status. For example, Registered.

Family Group

Select the family group in which the family belongs. For example, Staff and Student.

Student Age Range

(optional) Enter the age range of the children to include in the report.

Family Mailing Labels Recipient Line

Select the format of the recipient's name on the mailing label as one of the following:

  • Family Formal Salutation: for example, Mr. and Mrs. Bergkamp.

  • Family Formal Mailing Name: for example, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Bergkamp.

  • Family Informal Name: for example, Jerome and Norma Bergkamp.


Your Report Options and Data Options selections determine which names are loaded into the grid.

  • Use the column header filters to find the names of specific families. For example, typing "Smith" in the Last Name field, shows you the names of all families whose last name is "Smith."

  • Use the checkbox controls to select specific families. To select all families in the grid, select the checkbox to the left of the Last Name column header.


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