Facility Scheduler - Event Planning: How to reserve rooms for your event

How to reserve rooms for your event

Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.

Once you have Scheduled your event, you must reserve the room or rooms in which the event will be held.

If you followed the Help File Article on Scheduling an Event, you have already ensured the room you want to use for your event is free. Now, you must reserve the room to ensure no one else schedules it in your timeframe.


Navigating the Event Planning Screen

If you are already in the Event Planner, and the Event for which you want to reserve your room is displayed, you may go to the Facility section below. If you added the event to the calendar, then closed out of the Event Planning screen before reserving the room, but now want to do so, go into Event Planner, (1) select the event date in the calendar to the right, then (2) click the Event option from the command bar. This will bring up the first event scheduled on the date selected. You may then navigate through each event scheduled for that day by (3) using the arrow keys at the top/right of the window, or (4) use the scroll bar to see today's scheduled events and double click on the event for which you want to reserve a room.



Reserve the Room(s) through the Facility Tab 

Once the event for which you want to reserve a room is displayed, click the Facility Tab. Mark the  room by clicking in the box to the left. Select at least one room as the Primary Room  by marking the box to the right of the room below the word Primary. Note: If your room is a Division or a Breakout of a larger room, you will see a lock to the left of the larger room. While the other Divisions or Breakout rooms are still available during that time frame, the Main Room which contains each Division or Breakout room will not. This prevents someone from reserving the whole main Room when someone has already reserved part of the whole main room.

If the room you want to reserve does not show as available, but no conflicting events are scheduled, you may need to run the utility called Fix Room Selections. After running this, re-index and then try to schedule the event.


Move an Event to another room

If you later find it necessary to move the event to another room, navigate to the Facility Tab for the event in the Event Planning Screen, unmark the current room and mark the new. After saving your changes, optimize system performance by reindexing your data before moving on.

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