PSFS Offering - Batches: How to delete contributions from an open or committed batch

How to delete contributions from an open or committed batch

When a Donation does not process, a check is returned, or you find something has been entered in error or duplicate, you may need to delete it to correct the issue. NOTE: Only contributions in Open, Committed, or Quick Entry batches may be deleted.

  1. Go to the Contribution List in the Offering Module.
  2. Enter the posting date range you need and click View Contributions.
  3. You can enter the following to filter the Contribution Results:  Envelope Number, Name (Last, First), Amount, Fund, and Batch (Description).  When you enter this information, the list will update automatically without you needing to push enter.  You may not even get the whole word entered before the list begins to update.
  4. Once you've located the Contribution you wish to Delete, click the checkbox to the left of the Contribution, and click the garbage can icon (delete) in the toolbar at the top of the page. Note: if the end fund date has passed, follow the instructions below before deleting the contribution.
    • If the contribution you are trying to delete is for a fund that has an end date that has already passed, in order to delete the contribution, you must edit the fund end date and temporarily make it a future date, delete the fund, then edit the fund date back. 
    • To edit the fund date,
      1. Go to Offering: Funds.
      2. Click on the pencil and paper next to the fund you want to edit.
      3. Click Edit Details.
      4. Change the fund end date to the future or remove it.
      5. Then make the changes to contributions.
      6. Go back to the Funds tab and put the end date back in.
  1. Change the Cash Total: If the Contribution was in a batch that is Open, Committed, or a Non-Committed Quick Entry, then deleting it will cause the batch to now be unbalanced.  To correct this, you will have to go to "Batches" and locate the affected batch.  Click the "Edit Batch" icon to the left of the batch and edit the "Cash Total" for the batch so that it no longer takes the missing contribution amount into account (i.e. minus the deleted contribution amount from the cash total). For more information on editing the batch "Cash Total," click here.


You've now successfully deleted a contribution and removed its amount from any related batch totals. 

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