PSDio IQ - Non-Givers Who Haven't Given For Date Range

Purpose of Query 

The purpose of this query, at its base, is to get you a list of Non-Givers for a certain date range. Meaning you are looking for anyone who hasn't given for a specific date range. To get this information, you will only need to include the columns in the query and the very first query condition (which contains a subquery). 

The images of the query below are going to provide even more details, which are as follows. This query also asks for anyone who has an envelope number and for parishioners who registered before a certain date. It also specifies the organization. This is a query that can be built and saved globally for your parishes to use. Just remember, you won't be able to see parish contributions without a staff assignment and fund permissions at the parish. 


Query Columns 


Query Conditions 


Sub Query 



**One thing to note about this query is that it will differ from the other queries you are running for contributions information. You will not be including contribution information in your columns first because in the 'Non-Giver' scenario you are essentially looking for information that is not there. So that is why we didn't start the query with Contribution information. 


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