Legacy Offering - Reports: How to create a contribution postings report for a given date range

How to create a contribution postings report for a given date range

  1. Click Contribution List.
  2. If you manage several organizations, select the desired organization from the Organization List.
  3. In the Start Date and End Date fields, specify the exact date or a date range when the contributions were posted.

For example, to create a report that includes all contributions posted between May 8, 2013 and May 20, 2013, type or select 05/08/2013 in the Start Date field and 05/20/2013 in the End Datefield, as shown in the following illustration:

  1. Click View Contributions. A list of contributions posted during the date range you specified is displayed.
  1. (optional) To further narrow down the list of contributions, use the column header filters.
    • For example, to view contributions posted for a specific fund, type the first few letters of the fund name in the Fund header filter. The list updates to match your filter criteria.
    • If you filter the records in the grid, the system passes the filtered data only to the Date Range Postings quick report. In other words, the report includes only the records you see in the filtered grid view. The system also uses the sort-by column and sort order setting selected in the grid as the primary sort criteria for the data in the report.
    • By default, the report uses the Posting Date column (Descending) for the primary sort and the Name column (Ascending) for the secondary sort. To change the default for the primary sort, simply select a different column in the grid and specify ascending or descending. The system selects the secondary sort criteria based on your primary sort selection.
  1. To create a postings report, click Quick Reports. Then, select the View Date Range Postings option:

The Date Range Postings report is displayed in the Report Viewer.

If the report does not display, check your browser settings to make sure that pop-up settings are enabled. Then, click View Report again.

You can save or print the report. The standard report outputs are as follows: PDF, XLS, RTF, MHT, Text, CSV, and Image.

Following is an example of a Date Range Postings report. The report contains a line item for each family that shows you detailed information about the contribution, including the donor's name, contribution amount, date of donation. The bottom of the report shows you the total number of contributions posted within the date range you specified and the total dollar amount of the contributions.


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