Legacy Offering - Reports: 3 How to create Contribution Statements

How to create Contribution Statements


 Setting up Contribution Statements

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. From the Category menu, select Contributions. Then, select Statements from the Report menu. 
  3. Starting on the Fund tab on the right side of the screen, select individual funds by clicking the checkbox next to eachA, select all of the funds displayed on the page by selecting the box in the headerB, or select all the funds that exist by selecting the box in the header then marking the option to select all the records which will display above the list of funds.
  4. Click the Options tab: Fill out the report options and filters according to your needs.
  5. Click Template to advance to the Template tab.
    On this Template tab, you can create a common, customized message to include with your contribution statements. 
  6. To choose your preferred format for the mailing name, click the drop-down in the Name Format box.  The salutation is included in the Body of Statement area. 
  7. In the Body of Statement section, if you need to create a new template, you may do so by selecting the New Template option. Then in the Statement area provided, type the text of the message. You may copy and paste this text from another document if you'd like. Be sure to give this template a name before clicking the save icon. If you have an existing template, created and saved from this application, the template name will be in the drop-down.
  8. To choose your preferred salutation format, click the drop-down in the Body of Statement area and choose either a saved template or create a new one.  You will have the option to choose your salutation format and save it with your Body of Statement template. **Note: the salutation is a new feature added in the last update, so if you have a saved template from a previous year, you should choose your preferred salutation format and save the template again.
  9. The signature option allows you to browse for a stored signature on your hard drive or use one that already has been used and stored in your current application. 
  10. To add a printed name, click the down-arrow and select one that's already been added or choose to create a new one to add a new name.  When you create a new one or change an existing one, the save button (floppy disk icon) must be clicked to save the changes.

    Here is an example of the screen when each of the fields discussed above is expanded. Any changes to any of these fields must be saved each time a change is made.
  11. Click Givers to advance to the Givers tab.
    You may either mark the individual checkboxes to the left of the givers for which you are printing statementsA, choose all the givers displayed on the current page by selecting the checkbox in the headerB, or select all givers by selecting the checkbox in the header and then clicking on the link to select all givers.
  12. Click View Statements

    Following is an example of a Contribution Statement that contains a personal message (created on the Template tab) along with family contribution details.

    If you chose not to include a personal message to accompany the statement, the software automatically removes the salutation ("Dear...") and moves the detail portion of the report up so that it immediately starts on Page 1 of the report.


Printing, Viewing, and Saving Contribution Statements

    • After you click View Statements, the statements you created are shown in the Report Viewer. 
    • Our Statements are made to work with #10 Window Envelopes so that the addresses align with the envelope windows.  


Printing Mailing Labels for Contribution Statements

To print mailing labels for contribution statements:

  1. Click Givers.

  2. Individually select the givers you are mailing statements to. Alternatively, click the checkbox in the header (next to the Family Name) to select all givers.

  3. In the bottom-left of the Givers window, click Print Labels. The Report Viewer opens to let you preview the labels before printing the whole set. Labels are sorted and printed in A to Z order by last name.

  1. Do one of the following:

  • Click  to print all of the mailing labels.
  • Click  to print the current page of labels only.
  • Click  to save the labels.


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