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Overview of the Reports Page

The Reports page gives you quick and easy access to your organization's contribution, pledge, and batch reports.

The illustration below identifies the main elements on the Offering Reports page. Place your mouse pointer over a hyperlink (without clicking) to view a general description of the element. Click the link to jump to the section on this page that provides more detailed information.


Organization List

The organization associated with your Family Suite login credentials automatically appears in the Organization list, which is located in the upper-right corner of the Reports page. If you manage several organizations, select the organization whose reports you want to view from the list.

Only the organizations you have permission to access are displayed in the Organization list.


Reports Menu

The Select Report panel lists the Offering reports. The reports are organized by category in the Category menu. Offering provides four categories of reports:

● Audit

● Batches

● Contributions

● Pledges.

After you select a category, the Report menu lists the types of reports available within the category. For example, selecting the Pledges category displays a list containing four Pledge reports, as shown in the illustration below:


Viewing a Report

To view a report:

  1. Select the report from the Category list.

  2. Select a sub-report from the Report list.

    • The page refreshes, showing you the setup filters associated with the selected sub-report.

  1. Select the desired filters to set up the report.

  2. Click View Report to display the report.


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