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Finance Committee reports

There are three basic financial statements:

  1. Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
  2. Statement of Activities (Income/Expense Report)
  3. Statement of Cash Flow

Sometimes it is helpful to run a summary version of a report as well as the detail report. The summary can give a big picture view, the Detail will provide much more information.

In the example below, the Statement of Activities Summary report shows Ordinary Income totals only of$56,437.50; the Detail report displays eight accounts that also total 56,437.50.

In addition to the three basic statements, you may want to run other financial statements:

All of these reports may be found in Ledger and Payables, Reports, Statements as shown below.


As part of their oversight responsibilities, Finance Committees may want reports that provide details about transactions. For example, they may want a report listing checks written during the reporting period.

Transaction reports that may be useful are:

  • Check Register
  • Credit Card Register
  • Deposit Register
  • Bank Account or Credit Card Reconciliation Reports
  • Project Reports
  • A/P Aging Detail by Period (accrual basis)
  • Bill List (cash basis)

All of these reports may be found in Ledger and Payables, Reports, Transactions as shown below.

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