PSFS Offering - Contribution List: How to edit a contribution in an open batch

How to edit a contribution in an open batch

This article shows you how to edit a previously posted contribution record to correct any details previously entered by mistake.

When editing a previously posted contribution record, keep in mind the following restrictions:

       Only authorized users (those with View and Add/Edit access rights as well as permission to access the associated fund) can edit contribution records.

       If the batch containing the contribution is closed, you cannot edit the record.

       If the contribution is associated with a fund whose end date is in the past, you cannot edit the record.

The following instructions show you how to edit a single contribution record. If you want to make the same change to multiple records, use the batch-edit feature, described in this topic: How to Batch-Edit a Group of Contributions

  1. If you manage several organizations, select the desired organization from the Organization list.
  2. Click Contribution List to display the Contribution List page.
  3. Use the column heading filters to help you locate the contribution you want to edit.

For example, to locate the record by the donor's envelope number, type the envelope number in the Env # field. The list updates automatically, and then shows you the results of the filter criteria you entered, as shown in the illustration below:

Note that a search returns both broad and exact matches for the value entered. For example, the value 60 returns 60 as an exact match plus other values that include the sequence 6-0, such as 601.

  1. Click  to the left of the record that you want to edit and then the pencil edit button in the toolbar.

  1. The Edit Contribution window is displayed. For example:

The details from the donor's census record appear at the top in the Donor Record section. This portion of the record cannot be edited here.

  1. Edit the details in the Contribution Record section as needed. An asterisk ( *) indicates required information. Note that for auditing purposes, you must supply a reason for any changes you make to a record.

Amount field accepts a negative value.

  1. Click Save to save the changes.
  1. Click Close to exit.

You return to the Contribution List page.


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