PSG Organization - Fund Management: How to edit funds in ParishSOFT Giving 

How to view or edit funds in ParishSOFT Giving 

It is not recommended that you DO NOT edit your Funds after Scheduled Gifts, or Secondary Bank Accounts have been assigned to them.  It can break the linking to the Scheduled Gifts and Secondary Bank Accounts if you make changes to the fund name or ID after they've been attached.  If you update your funds in any way (even adding a single space or piece punctuation) be sure to update all the scheduled gifts associated with that Fund, and contact us to update the linking for your Secondary Bank account on our side.

The funds that your Donors can choose when they fill out a Quick Give or set up a Scheduled Gift are limited to what Active Funds you can see in your Fund Management screen.

1) Go to Organization in the top right corner of the screen.


2) Choose Fund Management.


3) This is what the Fund Management Page looks like with Several Active Funds.  Inactive Funds will show in red with the word "Inactive" before them.


4)  To Edit a Fund (Start Date, End Date, Fund ID, et cetera) go to the end of the row where the Action button sits.


5)  Click on the Action button and choose Edit Fund.


6)  From here, you can add a Start or End date for your fund, along with other information.  A fund must be ACTIVE in order for a start and end date to apply.  Inactive funds will not automatically become active if you put a start and end date on them 


Just keep in mind that if you put a "Start Date" that falls after the current date, your Parishioners will not be able to give to that fund using ParishSOFT Giving until that specific start date.



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