CNFS Offering - Contribution List: How to Create a Report of Contributions in a Specific Batch with Fund Subtotals

How to get the Contribution totals for a single Batch organized by Fund

 Sometimes you need to know how many contributions in each batch went to different funds.  To do this, please do the following.


1.) Go to "Offering" and "Contribution List"



2.) Enter the Posting Date Range for the Batch and hit "View Contributions".


3.) Go to the "Batch" field and enter the name of the batch as it appears in Batch Management.  Ex. "Contribution Import 111317_1458", or in this case "2017-04-06 Sunday Collection".


4.) Go to "Quick Reports" button and choose the option for "View Date Range Postings".


5.)  You should now have a list of all the contributions in the batch organized by Fund, with Fund specific Totals.  You may Print, Edit, or Save Report as needed at this point.


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