PSA L&P - Bank Reconciliation: How to reopen a Bank Reconciliation

How to reopen a Bank Reconciliation

First, check to see if you have the option to reopen your own reconciliation. Either way, please read the information under important considerations and save the report under #3 below before continuing.

If you do not have the option to reopen your own reconciliation:

  • If you are under an organization who manages your accounting software options, such as a diocese, you must contact them and ask them to do the following: (Note: Support is not authorized)
  • If you are an independent organization, you must ask your Church Administrator to contact support via email including the information listed below and request that support do the following:
    1. Re-open your Bank Reconciliation. Include these two items found through this path: Process → Reconciliations → Bank Reconciliations 
      • The name of the Bank Account and
      • The date of the Bank Reconciliation to be re-opened.
    2. The reason you want the reconciliation re-opened
    3. Print (to PDF) and attach to your request the Bank Reconciliation Report for the Account and Period you would like re-opened. Reports → Transactions → Bank Reconciliation Report (4th from last). This will help determine the cause of any subsequent issues if necessary. 


Important considerations

  • If you delete the bank reconciliation, none of your deposits, checks, or journal entries will be deleted, even if you entered them after starting the bank reconciliation.
  • If you delete the bank reconciliation, you will have to re-enter the interest income and bank charges if they were entered directly into the bank reconciliation, but not if they were entered separately as journal entries.
  • If you make changes to transactions that are dated as of the reconciliation in question or beyond, your reports may change for the bank rec period and all subsequent periods.
  • If you make changes to a bank reconciliation that is currently in balance, the changes may cause the bank reconciliation (and all subsequent reconciliations) to become out of balance. This may happen if any changes are made to bank account transactions.
  • Sometimes changes need to be made to an income or expense account in a transaction that is locked because the transaction has been cleared on a closed bank reconciliation. This may be why you are requesting that the bank rec be re-opened. Consider creating a journal entry to move the funds from one expense or income account to another rather than re-opening the reconciliation and changing the transaction. Either way, this will cause changes in your Statement of Activities for the Bank Rec period.
  • Afterwards, you will need to re-close each Bank Reconciliation and/or month that is opened.
  • Keep in mind, if the Bank Reconciliation in question is from a prior accounting period, you will also need to ask support or your diocese to re-open the accounting month for which the Bank Reconciliation is dated in order to make any changes or updates to the data for that period.



How to tell if you have permissions to reopen or delete a reconciliation

Depending on the permissions that your administrator has assigned to your login, you may have the ability to delete or reopen your bank reconciliation or you may need to ask your Church Administrator or diocese to do so for you.

Review the bottom of the bank reconciliation screen to see what permission you have. 
Support is not authorized to reopen bank reconciliations when you are part of a diocese. You must go through the channels outlined above if your login does not provide this option.


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