Legacy Offering - Reports: How to create a pledger list

How to create a pledger list

The Pledger List report provides the names of individuals who have made pledges to specific funds you select in the report setup.

  1. Click Reports.

  2. If you manage several organizations, select the organization whose records you want to work with from the Organization list.

  3. From the Category menu, select Pledges. Then, select the Pledger List option from the Report menu.

    The Fund tab lists all of your organization’s funds.

    The list includes only those funds for which you have Offering View → Print permissions assigned in your staff record.

  1. On the Fund tab, do one of the following:

    • Select one or more funds individually by selecting the checkbox next to each fund you want to include in the report.

    • If the fund list is long, try using the column header filters to locate the fund or funds you want to work with.

    • Select all funds by selecting the All Funds checkbox in the header (the checkbox to the left of the Description heading). 

    • Be aware that selecting the All Funds checkbox includes only those funds on the page you are viewing. If you want to include all of your organization’s funds in the report, you must first select the checkbox (you can select it on any setup page). Then, select the Select all records link that appears above the list of funds.

  1. Click Filters to advance to the Filters tab. Specify the date range for the period the selected funds began accepting pledges.

  2. Click View Reports.

    If an individual is a pledger to the selected funds, his or her name appears in the report along with the following details for the pledge: pledge amount, amount paid, and the balance owed.

    The following illustration shows you an example of the Pledger List report:

  1. Use the toolbar controls at the top of the Report Viewer to page through the report, export it and save it to disk, or print it.


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