PSFS Ministry Scheduler - Schedule Preferences: How to Set Minister Schedule Preferences


Setting Schedule Preferences for Families and Individual Ministers

Ministers need a break now and then; so to make sure their roles are covered, we need to add a schedule excluding the ministers who need to be off-duty. To accomplish this task:

  1. Go to the "Preferences" section in Ministry Scheduler.
  2. Click the "Funnel" icon to search for the Minister by First Name or Last and hit "Apply".
  3. Click the icon with three people to access the family Preferences.
  4. From there you can add Schedule Exceptions for the Individual members.  Just go to "Member Preferences".
  5. Now, go to "Schedule Exceptions" to add a general date range that applies to all events, or go to "Exceptions by Event" to add a date range that only applies to a specific event.


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